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JR Regional Pass

Important Notice: 

All types of JR pass are available only to visitors with a short-term visa no longer than 90 days and those who are holding a non-Japanese passport.

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JR Hokkaido Pass

JR Central Pass

JR Shikoku Pass

JR East Pass

JR West Pass

JR Kyushu Pass


JR Hokkaido pass

HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS can be used toward on all JR Hokkaido train lines except for Hokkaido Shinkansen Hayabusa and Hayate trains. This rail pass cannot be used on the lines that JR does not own such as South Hokkaido Railway and Sapporo Municipal Subway. If you wish to ride the Hokkaido Shinkansen or other local lines, you will be required to purchase a separate basic fare ticket, limited express ticket or a separate ticket.


HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS can be used toward on all JR Hokkaido train lines with the exception of Hokkaido Shinkansen. HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS cannot be used on lines of other companies such as South Hokkaido Railway, Sapporo Municipal Subway, etc.

  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders cannot ride the Hokkaido Shinkansen Hayabusa and Hayate trains. If you wish to ride the Hokkaido Shinkansen, you will be required to purchase a separate Basic fare ticket, Limited express ticket, etc.

  • HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders cannot ride the Kikonai ⇔ Goryokaku portion of the “South Hokkaido Railway” line, which will no longer be managed by JR Hokkaido but by a third sector. If you wish to ride the “South Hokkaido Railway” Line, you will be required to purchase a separate ticket.


JR east pass
(Temporarily Unavailable)

EAST PASS(Tohoku area) includes unlimited rides on all JR East lines in the JR EAST PASS designated area. With this pass, you can go up to Aomori from Haneda airport or Narita airport by taking Shinkansen or a limited express. This rail pass covers popular destinations in Tohoku area: Izu, Nikko, and Sendai.


*East Pass is currently suspended for sale, due to technical issues with purchase orders.

We will resume sale whenever the issue is resolved. We apologize for this inconvenience

JR Central

JR Central pass

CENTRAL PASS covers JR local lines and limited express trains including all transportations of the Alpine Route. Hokuriku Shinkansen is running between Kanazawa - Toyama. You may visit all the popular destinations in central area: Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kanazawa, and Gifu. Unlimited rides on JR buses are available as well, which are very convenient for visiting World Heritage listed Shirakawa-go/Gokayama.


JR west pass

Kansai-area is one of the most popular tourist areas. To explore the Kansai area, you may use either Kansai Area Pass or Kansai Wide Area Pass. Kansai Area Pass covers all the main cities in the area: from Kansai International Airport (KIX), Nara, Kyoto and Osaka to Kobe and Himeji. Meanwhile, Kansai Wide Area Pass covers Wakayama, Shingu and all the way to Kurashiki in addition, with the use of Sanyo Shinkansen Bullet Train between Shin-Osaka and Okayama.

JR Shikoku

JR shikoku pass

SHIKOKU PASS is valid on all the JR trains in the Shikoku area. It also covers the trains and trams of Kotoden, Iyotetsu, Tosaden, Tosa Kuroshio Railway and the Asa Kaigan Railway. Moreover, selected ferries to Shodoshima Island and Shodoshima Olive Bus are included. Meanwhile, following lines are not included: Sunrise Seto and Botchan Train, Shodoshima Ferry high speed boats, and passages other than between Takamatsu and Tonosho, and All bus lines (except Shodoshima Olive Bus.)


JR Kyushu pass

JR Kyushu

KYUSHU PASS covers JR local trains, limited express trains, and Shinkansen Hakata and Kagoshima-chuo. It stops by Kumamoto as well. This JR pass does not include Shinkansen between Kokura and Hakata, subways, buses or private railways. You may visit Kyushu for authentic Kyushu cuisine and one of the best Japanese hot springs in Beppu. Since the northern part is especially popular for tourists, Northern Kyushu Area Pass is offered as well.


Important Notice: 

Further restrictions may apply. Please consult with IACE TRAVEL for more details!

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