Airport Limousine

Easily the most convenient way from or to the Airport

What is Airport Limousine Bus?


Airport Limousine Bus is similar to Airport Shuttle Service, but privately operated. With its diverse routes, the Airport Limousine Bus is one of the most convenient way to travel from or to the Airport. Some of the Major Franchise Hotels in Tokyo have Limousine Bus stops nearby, making your trip completely stress-free. 

Price Between Narita Airport - Tokyo : $26.00


How to Use?

IACE TRAVEL is one of the largest Limousine Bus Distributors in North America.

Purchase the tickets before your departure from the US, and simply follow the instruction below:

From Airport to Hotel:

All customers towards Central Tokyo shall purchase or exchange your tickets in advance at our ticket counter which are located inside the terminal building. The ticket counter show "Airport Limousine" in orange color. (From Narita Airport: 3 ticket counters in Terminal 1, 2 ticket counters in Terminal 2 and One ticket counter and one ticket vending machine in Terminal 3.) Your bus stop number, departure time and your destination are printed on your boarding ticket. Please check your boarding ticket before proceeding to the bus stop. After arrival at the bus stop, please kindly show your boarding ticket to one of our staff who are happy to check-in your baggage onto the bus. Your baggage will be secured until your destination.
Your boarding ticket will be collected by our bus stop staff upon boarding.

From Hotel to Airport:

Some Major Franchise Hotels have Airport Limousine Bus Stops in front of their facilities. If you are staying at a Hotel that has one, all you have to do is check the Bus Schedule and be present at the Bus Stop. The staff will handle your luggage and ask your destination. Please advise which Terminal you are headed to and you are all set!


List of Hotels with Bus Stops


Making a Purchase

Buy Online, have tickets Shipped

Complete the form below and click Submit. One of our Agent will get back to you by Email or Phone. Upon making a Payment, please dial 1-866-735-4223 with your form of payment. 

**Additional Shipping Fees will be added to final amount of your purchase**

Buy Online, pickup at our office

Complete the form below and click Submit. One of our Agent will get back to you by Email or Phone. You may visit our office anytime during our business hours to have the tickets picked-up. We will receive your payment at the time of your visit.

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