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Buy a ticket . . A new journey begins

Let's make a plan ! If you're not good at planning, leave it to us. Just run it once you have a plan.
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Want to visit a place you don't know?

The railway takes you to an unknown place you have never been. There are cities and rural areas in Japan, and the scenery and culture of different places are rooted in each place. How about visiting and seeing for yourself?

The train journey inspires your life.

Just look at the flowing train window while drinking canned coffee. What is normal in Japan will surely be something new for travelers.
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Let's go on a new journey

Whether you have never traveled by train or not, Japan has a world that you don't know about. Even if you are visiting for the first time, you may feel something nostalgic. There may be a place to find something you were looking for...
Subway Tracks

Our Train Products

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Japan Rail Pass (Nationwide)

Japan Rail Pass is one of the convenient ways to travel in Japan. Since the Japanese rail network is almost covered by JR, if you have a Japan Rail pass (JR Pass), you can travel almost all over Japan. Even if you make a round trip on a specific section, the pass may be cheaper, so we recommend comparing the prices. There are two types of pass, Ordinary and Green, and you can choose from 7, 14, and 21 days, so please choose according to your preference and schedule.

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Regional Pass

If you do not plan to travel all over Japan, but plan to travel only in certain areas multiple times, it may be a good deal to purchase a Regional Pass over individual sector tickets, and even over the Japan Rail Pass. There are area pass settings in various parts of Japan, so please check the passes for a specific area you are visiting.

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JR Flex Rail-Ticket

JR Flex Rail Ticket is a Shinkansen round-trip product with a non-reserved seat in a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Mishima, Hakone or Koyasan with a flexible return date which gives you the freedom to stay at your destination for 1 to 7 days - the choice is yours. The Flex Rail Ticket also comes with an experience coupon of your choice for use at your destination.

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Prepaid Transportation IC Card

10 types of transportation IC cards are issued in various parts of Japan. Cards purchased in any area can be used in another area. Once you charge the card, you don't have to buy a ticket every time you board a train. You can use it not only JR trains but also trains operated by private railways, subways, buses and more. If you charge enough money, you can also use it for payment at taxis, convenience stores, vending machines, and over 500,000 shops and restaurants all over Japan. We offer either SUICA or PASMO.

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New Products

New railway-related products are frequently released in Japan. We will continue to introduce the latest products. Other useful products and recommended products are also introduced here. We will help you make your journey more enjoyable with these products.

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