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Rental Wi-Fi,
Staying connected
in Japan

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Flexible Rates, rental locations 
without compromising your connection.

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Staying Connected is no longer a luxury, it is a must even when you are traveling abroad. By renting a mobile Wi-Fi Router, you are capable of connecting 2~3 devices simultaneously. Perfect solution for your family or for your trip with friends. We also offer the Rental device to be shipped in the U.S. postal address, pick-up in Los Angeles area (Torrance) and have the device to be picked-up in Japan, at the time of your arrival.

Where would you like receive
the Rental WiFi?

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Universal Mobile Rental Wifi

*Available to be shipped to U.S. postal address or in person pick-up in Los Angeles area (Torrance)

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Step 1: Quote / Order / Payment

Please order on online once you have planed your traveling!
It is simple. Please select your travel plan and rental product, and proceed to checkout.

The quote for your order will be displayed. Upon you confirm it, please enter the rental information and complete your order.

  • If you order by mail, we will recommend you to place an order with plenty of time before you go to travel. Delivery may be delayed due to holidays or traffic conditions.

Universal WiFi Rental Price List


Price: $5.00 Per day

Service Area: Japan


Price: $7.00 Per day

Service Area: China

Japan, South Korea

Price: $7.50 Per day

Service Area: Japan, South Korea


Price: $7.00 Per day

Service Area: See below*


Price: $6.50 Per day

Service Area: South Korea

Southeast Asia

Price: $7.00 Per day

Service Area: See below*

Service Area 

Asia: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Mongolia


Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines,Myanmar, China HongKong

*Please note: Prices above are subject to change without notice

Step 2: How to receive 

When you order on the website, you need to select the method of receiving the Pocket WiFi.

We have two methods as following.

Shipping Method
We will deliver by USPS to the place you designated by at least one day before your depature date. After shipping, we will provide you the USPS tracking number of your package. Please order with plenty of time before you go to travel. Delivery may be delayed due to holidays, weather, or traffic conditions.


Shipping Fees
Shipping fee One-way $10
※ Please order by one week before you departure.


Shipping fee Roundtrip $20
※We will enclosed the envelop for return with products.

Step 3: How to use in Local (Your travel location)

Please be sure to be full charge of WiFi body before using it and turn on the power of the WiFi body. Instructions how to connect to WiFi is as following.

  1. Please turn on WiFi on your cellphone or devices.

    • Android OS
      Go to "Settings" ⇒ Click "Wi-Fi" from the menu ⇒ Turn on Wi-Fi

    • iPhone/iPad/iOS
      Go to "Settings" ⇒ click "Wi-Fi" ⇒ Turn on Wi-Fi

  2. Please select SSID or SSID1 on the network list. (SSID/SSID1 is found on the back of the pocket WiFi)

  3. Please enter the passowrd which is WPA key or key found on the back of the pocket WiFI.

  4. Once WiFi is connected, you will see the WiFi symbol on your device. You can use it. For a rental cellphone, please power on and use it after receiving.

Step 4: How to return the device after your trip

If you choose USPS round trip, we will enclose the package for return.

Simply please bring it to the USPS the next day you return to your home country and mail the device to us.

If you choose USPS one-way, we will not enclose the package for return.

Please be sure to enclose all rental product and mail them out with a tracking number. (the return shipping fee is on the customer) Also, to be in time of the deadline please complete the return procedure the next day of your return date.
If you drop the return package off at our LA office, please visit during business hours.

Return address:
370 Crenshaw Blvd Suite E202K, Torrance CA 90503

Business hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST

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