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“Become a Shogun for 10 days!”  5 Cities, 5 Castles

“Become a Shogun for 10 days!” 5 Cities, 5 Castles


Tour Schedule

DAY 1 : Arrive at Hotel in Tokyo

- Hotel Check-In (Transportation not included.)

★★★ Hotel in Tokyo




Take the “Tokyo Morning Tour” on your first day in Japan!  In the afternoon, free time allows for independent exploration (sightseeing, shopping, dining, etc.).


★ Tour Itinerary *****************

- Tokyo Tower

- Imperial Palace

- Sensoji Temple & Nakamise Shopping Street

- End of Tour at Tokyo Station


★★★ Hotel in Tokyo




After arriving at Nagano Station, visit ancient Zenkoji Temple. After visiting Zenkoji-temple, return to Nagano station and take a train to Matsumoto for hotel check-in.


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Take a Bullet Train to Nagano Station
- Zenko-ji Temple

- Lunch at a Restaurant around Zenko-ji Temple or Nagano Station

- Take a Limited Express Train to Matsumoto Station
- Arrive at Matsumoto Station

- Hotel Check-in


Hotel: ★★★ Hotel in Tokyo




Visit Matsumoto Castle, which is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in Japan! Enter the 400 year old tower and see how a Japanese castle is built from the inside. Take the train to Nagoya Station and check-in to the  hotel.


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Leave Luggage at Hotel after Check-Out
- Matsumoto Castle

- Lunch

- Pick-up Luggage at Hotel

- Ride a Limited Express Train to Nagoya Station
- Arrive at Nagoya Station, Hotel Check-in


★★★ Hotel in Nagoya




Visit two popular castles in the area: Nagoya Castle and Inuyama Castle. Over 550 years old, Inuyama Castle is the oldest castle remaining in Japan. Nagoya Castle is surrounded by an intricate triple moat system. You must see Nagoya Castle’s  elaborately restored Honmaru Palace! Compare two castles of different ages.


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Ride a subway to Shiyakusho (City Hall) Station or other subway stations near Nagoya Castle

- Nagoya Castle and Honmaru Palace

- Take the Subway (Meijo-Line and Kami-iida Line) to Inuyama Station, or Subway (Tsurumai Line) and Meitetsu Train (Inuyama Line) to Inuyama Station

- Lunch at Inuyama Castle Town (Honmachi-dori Street)

- Inuyama Castle

- Return to Hotel


★★★ Hotel in Nagoya




On the way to Kyoto, stop by Hikone and take a stroll around the city. Hikone Castle is one of the five castles designated as national treasures. From Genkyu-en Garden, enjoy a wonderful view with the castle in the background.


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Take a Bullet Train to Maibara Station, Change to a Local Train to Hikone Station

- Hikone Castle and Genkyu-en Garden

- Lunch at Yume-Kyobashi Castle Road

- Move to Kyoto and Hotel Check-In


★★★Hotel in Kyoto




Take the “Kyoto Morning Tour” and use the free time in the afternoon to visit places you missed or have yet to explore.


★ Tour Itinerary *****************

- Nijo Castle

- Kinkaku-ji Temple

- Kyoto Imperial Palace [Closed Mondays]

- Kitano Tenmangu Shrine [Closed Mondays (and Tuesday when Monday is a National Holiday)]


★★★ Hotel in Kyoto




Explore Osaka Castle on a side trip to Osaka. Osaka Castle’s beautiful castle tower is popular, but you can also see the huge stones built into the walls.  Afterwards, enjoy walking around the city in lively areas such as Dotonbori and other shopping districts.


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Take a Bullet Train from Kyoto Station to Shin-Osaka Station, and take a Local Train to Osakajo-koen Station

- Osaka Castle

- Dotonbori, Kuromon Market, Tenjinnashi-suji, Shinsaibashi-suji, and more!

- Return to Kyoto


★★★ Hotel in Kyoto




Explore Himeji Castle on a side trip to Himeji. Himeji Castle is popular for its beauty and is always voted as the most popular castle. A designated World Heritage Site, you will definitely want to visit when you come to Japan!


★ Daily Itinerary *****************

- Take a Bullet Train from Kyoto Station to Himeji Station and walk over to Himeji Castle

- Himeji Castle

- Koko-en Garden

- Return to Kyoto


★★★ Hotel in Kyoto



DAY 10 : KYOTO → ( OSAKA ) → USA

If you depart from Itami Airport, transfer by private vehicle from your hotel.

If you depart from Kansai International Airport, transfer by express train “Haruka” on your own.

End of Tour



  • Tour Feature

    Tour Feature

    This tour is recommended for fans of Japanese castles as well as fans of Japanese history and culture. Visit unique castles throughout Japan, including popular castles such as Matsumoto Castle and Himeji Castle. Take a stroll among the old streets and the Japanese gardens built over 400 years ago and feel like you have traveled back in time. Enjoy walking around town! Since it is a free plan without a guide, please visit at your own pace while referring to the guide provided by us.


    Tour Highlights

    ① Visit a selection of 7 popular castles in Japan!

    ② Compare the characteristic castles in different areas!

    ③ Travel with freedom at your own pace!

  • Pricing

    $1990.00 per person - 1 person - Single room

    $1653.00 per person - Group of 2 people - Twin room 

    $1453.00 per person - Group of 3 people - Triple room

    $  990.00 per person -  Child (age 2-8)

  • Inclusions

    ・Accommodations: 9 nights (3-star hotels)

    ・Transportation:  Japan Rail Pass (7 days, Coach Class) / PASMO (Transportation IC Card; used in Nagoya and airport transportation if flight departs from Itami Airport) 

    ・Luggage Transfer Fee (from Tokyo to Kyoto) 

    ・Sightseeing Tour(s): 

           - Tokyo Morning 

           - Kyoto Morning Tour 

         * Both tours are non-exclusive tours and you will join guided group tours operated by local travel agencies.

    ・Meals: 9 Breakfasts, 0 Lunch, 0 Dinner

    ・Special Gift (Adult Participants Only)

    ・24-Hour Telephone Assistance

  • Exclusions

    ・Airfare from U.S. Cities (includes fuel & tax) to Tokyo

    ・Transportation from Tokyo Airport to Tokyo Hotel

    ・Transportation from Osaka Airport after Tour Ends

    ・Admission Fees (Except places included city tours in Tokyo and Kyoto.)

    ・Tour Guide (Except the guides in the city tours in Tokyo and Kyoto.)

    ・Trip Insurance

    ・Personal Expenses


  • Cancellation Policy


    Time of Cancellation

    Cancellation Charges

    The Day of the Tour


    7 Days to 1 Day Before the Tour 


    15 Days to 8 Days  Before the Tour


    30 Days to 16 Days Before the Tour


  • Important Notes (Remarks)

    * This tour includes Japan Rail Pass 7 Days Coach Class. Additional fee charged for Japan Rail Pass non-eligible participants.

    * Fares shown are per person based on single, double or triple occupancy

    * Price is based on low season and seasonal charges may apply.

    * Shinkansen Bullet train and Limited Express trains, please note that we cannot accept advance requests for specific departure times or seat assignments. 

    * Please exchange your Japan Rail Pass exchange order (voucher) to the Japan Rail Pass at the airport in Tokyo or selected stations upon arrival in Japan.

    * We will provide train departure time for you to choose on each date. 

    * No seat reservations are included. Your Japan Rail Pass allows you to reserve seats at no cost once you receive your Japan Rail pass.

    * On the Limited Express train from Nagano to Matsumoto, and Matsumoto to Nagoya, luggage spaces are very limited. Please use luggage transfer service to ship your luggage in advance.

    * Luggage transfer service from Tokyo to Kyoto is included in the tour. Please ship your luggage from your hotel in Tokyo before you check out. Your luggage will be delivered to the hotel in Kyoto in 2 to 3 days. Shipping instructions will be provided before your tour departure.


  • Photo Credits

    Osaka Castle : Ⓒ Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

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