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to MIGOTO Luxury, where the beauty of Japan meets the epitome of luxury. Our team of Japanese luxury travel experts at MIGOTO Luxury are dedicated to crafting exclusive and tailor-made travel experiences for our clients.

Japan Luxury

How It All Started

 Japan, with its rich history, breathtaking natural vistas, and world-renowned hospitality, has long been a destination that has captured the imagination of luxury travelers. That is why MIGOTO Luxury was created; we seek to capture the very essence of luxury travel to Japan, curating unparalleled experiences that unveil the many hidden gems Japan has to offer, unlocking both traditional and modern experiences that unfold an elusive tapestry of moments that cannot be found elsewhere.


美(Mi): Beautiful 

事(Goto): Things

The Origin

Our name MIGOTO Luxury comes from the old reading of two well-known Japanese characters, which could be translated into modern-day English as "a beautiful thing" or "a thing worthy of seeing." As aficionados of Japanese luxury travel, our mission at MIGOTO Luxury is to invite our guests to experience Japan through a lens of wanderlust and sophistication, discovering many “beautiful things” and “things worth seeing” throughout their journey around this unique and culturally-rich country.

Different Value Proposition

All tours with MIGOTO Luxury are tailor-made specifically for our guests, starting from $800 to $1000 USD per person per day based on double occupancy for an itinerary of 7 nights/8 days or more. This includes access to our expert knowledge of the best luxury and boutique accommodations across Japan, as well as the inclusion of a selection of our handpicked private guides and curated experiences. With our staff's years of experience planning and executing luxury tours all across Japan, we are ready to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury

The MIGOTO Collection

Our MIGOTO Collection is a sampling of our curated luxury experiences, accommodations, and itineraries, handpicked by our bespoke luxury travel experts, that allow our guests to immerse themselves in the beauty and majesty of the Land of the Rising Sun. Every itinerary found in the MIGOTO Collection has been meticulously crafted with the finest attention to detail while every accommodation and experience was curated through the eyes of a local expert to ensure you are unlocking the best kept secrets Japan has to offer. The curated experiences of our MIGOTO Collection seek to deliver once-in-a-lifetime authentic cultural experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions, traverse the picturesque landscapes, and savor a cacophony of gastronomic delights that have delighted discerning palates for generations. 

Whether you are looking for lavish accommodations, personalized expert service, or just want to make your travel dreams come true, the experts at MIGOTO Luxury will be waiting to answer the call.

Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury
Japan Luxury

Meet the Team

Derek Souza

With extensive experience in the realm of luxury tourism within Japan, Derek has established himself as one of the foremost authorities in the Japanese luxury travel sector. In addition to orchestrating an array of bespoke tours throughout Japan for his clientele, he has also made many significant contributions to the Japanese luxury market, such as mentoring local artisans on ways to enhance their studios to appeal to luxury travelers, as well as collaborating with Japanese governmental bodies in crafting new experiences tailored for the global luxury market. Derek's profound expertise and comprehensive understanding of all facets of Japanese luxury travel have positioned him as a highly-regarded expert in the field today, and he leverages this firsthand knowledge to provide MIGOTO Luxury's clientele with meticulously curated recommendations for their trips across Japan.

Akiko Osawa

With over a decade of experience in the Japanese travel industry, Akiko is a seasoned industry veteran, having coordinated hundreds of tours for international guests looking to visit Japan. After attending college in the United States and receiving a degree in business from San Diego City College, Akiko first joined the travel industry in 2010, where she quickly became an expert in all matters related to inbound Japan travel. Having spent eighteen years abroad in the United States honing her English language skills, she returned to Japan in 2021, eager to assume a more hands-on role within the industry. With her extensive skills and expertise across various sectors of the industry, we take great pride in entrusting Akiko with the care of our guests at MIGOTO Luxury.

Noriko Sakurada

With a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality management, Noriko has always found herself right at home in the travel industry. Raised in Tokyo’s historic Shitamachi area, she was constantly surrounded by a mixture of Japanese and international cultural influences from a very early age. This ultimately led to her leaving Japan and moving to California to pursue her career and dreams of seeing the world. Over the past two decades, Noriko has been working in and around the travel industry, with her love of travel having brought her to more than twenty countries. Over the years, Noriko has been the glue that holds multiple teams together, working tirelessly to create unforgettable memories for her clients visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether it is working with the Japanese government to help spread awareness of new and exciting experiences all across Japan or acting as the bridge between luxury travelers and their dream vacations, Noriko is the cornerstone of our team at MIGOTO Luxury, and we take immense pride in her leadership and expertise.

Japan Luxury
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