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Group Travel

Group Travel

Fully Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Planning a customized group trip can be straightforward.

IACE TRAVEL offers complete travel plans tailored to your requests, from start to finish.

Group Coordinator (Client side) creates a brief plan. For example, where to go, when to travel, what the trip will try to accomplish and etc.


IACE TRAVEL will provide a preliminary plan with approximate pricing. Depending on the contract, IACE TRAVEL may ask its clients to make a one-time deposit to hold the reservation.


Group Coordinator will propose the trip plan (dates, destinations and prices) to the Organization.


The organization will evaluate the proposal and perform a full risk assessment. The proposal will be approved upon the review, any adjustments needed will be mentioned on this phase.


Once approved, the Coordinator can promote the Trip-Program to members of the Organization. Upon receiving applications from the participants, each traveler's deposit payment may be required.


Upon the Traveler's Registration has completed, the Coordinator will alert IACE TRAVEL to confirm the number of passengers, desired destinations, pricing and other preferences. Deposits are due during the finalization of the reservation.


IACE TRAVEL will start to book Flights, Accommodations, Ground Transportation, Travel Assistant and related services. A finalized quote for the finished reservation will be presented to the Coordinator.


The Coordinator will collect payments from each Travelers and make the final payment to IACE TRAVEL. 

IACE TRAVEL will accept Credit Card, Check and Money Orders.


The Coordinator may be required to officially notify the Organization about the finalized agenda and related costs. Upon request, IACE TRAVEL will directly report to the Organization to keep them informed.


Final Payment received from Step-8 should be clear by this phase, and IACE will mail you comprehensive documentations in regards to your reservation. At this stage, there will not be any other requirements needed, your group will be ready to go.


10 Step Trip Planning Process

At a glance:

Our Most Popular Group Tour,

IACE Travel Youth Summer Camp

Our youth summer camp  program aims to provide high school students with the unique opportunity to engage with their peers in Japan and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures. Far more than a typical sightseeing tour, this program is designed to create meaningful connections between students from two different worlds.

By immersing American students in the local customs, culture, history, and virtues of Japan, we aspire to contribute to the development of a more globally aware and culturally sensitive future. Through this exchange program, we hope to sow the seeds of friendship and cooperation that will remain with the participants for a lifetime.

Summer Camp

Different types of travel agencies offer different services.

See what types of services are needed for your next group travel.

Pick what is right for you.

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Booking your group tour through IACE Travel provides access to

Group Airfare

We provide special group airfare rates you won't find online, helping your group save on travel expenses when you book through us.

Various Payment Options

We work with group organizers to find the ideal solution to handle payment collection.

Comprehensive Arrangements

From booking restaurants and chartering buses to arranging private meetings and event spaces, we ensure your plans come together seamlessly.

Experienced Group Tour Guides

Let our expert guides, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, make sure your group tour runs smoothly.

On-the-Ground Support

With offices in both North America and Japan, you can rest assured that we are prepared to lend a hand whenever needed.

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