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Tea Ceremony Experience

Tea Ceremony Experience


Tour Schedule:

Depart from meeting places
This tour can be joined from locations including major hotels in Tokyo.


Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal
Please show your reservation confirmation sheet at check-in.
Access to Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal:
A 1-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station (JR Line or Tokyo Monorail)

or Daimon Station (Toei Asakusa Line or Toei Oedo Line)
The tour meet up area is inside the World Trade Center Annex on the 1st floor (Bus Terminal).

Take the stairs down from the 2nd floor concourse.


Tokyo Station
The guide will lead participants from Hamamatsucho Station to Tokyo Station on foot.


Tea Ceremony Experience (90 min)
Learn how to perform the tea ceremony from the instructor.
* An English-speaking guide will take participants from Hamamatsu Bus Terminal

to the tea ceremony room “Koomon”.
After arriving, participants will be guided by the English-speaking staff

at Koomon tea ceremony room.


Tour Ends
There is no drop-off service to hotels after the tour ends.

Please head to your next destination on your own.

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