Taste of Okinawa Cooking Experience

Taste of Okinawa Cooking Experience


Tour Feature

This tour and class lasts about 3 hours.


On this food market tour of Naha Public Market, learn about the local and select ingredients you’ll be cooking with during the cooking class. Afterwards, head to the studio, where you will make a four-course menu consisting of a classic appetizer, main dish, soup, and dessert. Facilitated by a bilingual Okinawan foodie and instructed by professionally trained chefs, these fun and social classes offer a hands-on experience under thoughtful guidance.


Tour Schedule

Start at 10:25 AM (Morning Class) or 3:25 PM (Afternoon Class)

- Meet at Taste of Okinawa Studio

- Naha Public Market

- Enjoy the Cooking Class!

End Tour at 1:30 PM (Morning Class) or 6:30 PM (Afternoon Class)


Cooking Menu

<Okinawa Soba Set>

● Okinawa Soba 

Make your own noodles! This traditional Okinawan noodle soup is cooked in pork and bonito stock (dashi).

● Jyu-shi 

Rice cooked with various ingredients using pork and bonito stock (dashi).

● Mozuku-su 

This superfood, Okinawan seaweed (mozuku), is prepared with a sweet vinegar sauce

● Sata-Anda-Gi 

Traditional Okinawan-style doughnuts (purchased during the food market tour).


<Goya Champuru Set>

● Goya Champuru

The most traditional Okinawan dish: stir-fried bitter melon with tofu, egg, and bonito-flakes.

● Miso Rafute

Juicy and tender Okinawan pork cooked in a sweet miso sauce.

● A-sa-jiru

A mild-flavored soup made with bonito stock and ‘sa’ (Okinawan seaweed).

● Sata-Anda-Gi 

Traditional Okinawan-style doughnuts (purchased during the food market tour).


* Cooking Menu varies depending on the day of the week. Details found in “Important Notes (Remarks).”


  • Pricing

    $70.00 per person (Adult) / $40.00 per person (Child, age 6-11)

  • Dates / Time

    Days : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    Times : Morning Class : 10:30 AM-1:30 PM / Afternoon Class : 3:30 PM-6:30 PM

  • Inclusions

    ・English-speaking guide

    ・Cooking experience fee

  • Exclusions

    ・Trip insurance

    ・Transportation to tour pick-up location

    ・Personal expenses


  • Cancellation Policy


    Time of Cancellation

    Cancellation Charges

    No show/Day of the Tour


    From 4 Days to the Day of the Tour


    10 Days to 5 Days Before the Day of the Tour


  • Important Notes (Remarks)

    * The menu varies depending on the day of the week.


    AM: 10:30 ~ 1:30PM

    PM: 3:30PM ~ 6:30PM


    Soba Set


    Champuru Set

    Tue ~ Sat (AM) X O
    Tue ~ Sat (PM) O X
    Sun (AM) O X
    Sun (PM) O X


    * Must notify in advance of any food restrictions or allergens. We will do our best to accommodate you.

    * Classes are designed for both novice and accomplished cooks.

    * There are activities in the food preparation process for every skill. 

    * Traditional Okinawan ‘sanpincha’ (cold Jasmine tea) will be provided at no extra cost during the cooking experience.

    * Other drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are available for purchase at the studio.

    * Meeting Location : Taste of Okinawa Studio (Address : 1-6-21 Tsuboya, Naha, Okinawa)

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