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KOYASAN 2-Day Spiritual Experiences

KOYASAN 2-Day Spiritual Experiences


Tour Schedule



Day 1 : KOYASAN 

13:30 Arrive at Koya-san & Start Oku-no-in Private Tour (2 hours)

15:30 Check in at Shukubo

16:30 Meditation Experience (30 Minutes) *Group Lesson

17:30 Dinner of “Shojin Cuisine”, Buddhist Vegetarian meal

18:30 “Shakyo” (Sutra Copying) Experience in your own room

You can add the Night excursions at Oku-no-in. (USD $30.00 per person) 

*** Stay in Koyasan ***

B: -/L:-/D:〇



6:30  “Gongyo”, a religious service (Morning prayers)

7:00 ”Goma ceremony”, burn small pieces of holy wood before a Buddhist altar for spiritual purification which has a rich history of over 1,200 years at Mt. Koya

7:30 Breakfast

9:30 Check out of Shukubo & Start Kongobu-ji Temple Private Tour (2 hours)

11:30 End of Tour at Koyasan station

B: 〇/L:-/D:-

  • Pricing

    • $2392.00 for 4 people ($598.00 per person)
    • $2292.00 for 3 people ($764.00 per person)
    • $2260.00 for 2 people ($1130.00 per person) 
    • $2150.00 for 1 person
  • Dates


  • Tour Feature

    If you are interested in Mt. Koya or spiritual experiences, this is the tour for you! You will be able to privately visit Oku-no-in and Kongobu-ji temples and participate in authentic spiritual meditation, Goma Ceremony, and more. If you think that spiritual training might be too strict, you don’t need to worry! All training is arranged for beginner levels. Additionally, stay in a private Japanese room in Shukubo which has a rich history spanning over 1,000 years.

  • About Koyasan


    Mt. Koya is a large temple settlement in Wakayama prefecture. At the center of Shingon Buddhism,  an important Buddhist sect was introduced to Japan in 805 by Kobo Daishi — one of Japan’s most significant religious figures.



    A prominent Buddhist temple with the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi (also known as Kukai), the founder of Shingon Buddhism. Oku-no-in is the most sacred place in Mt. Koya, lined with more than 200,000 stone pagodas.


    Kongobu-ji Temple

    Kongōbu-ji is the ecclesiastic head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, located on Mt. Kōya. Its name means Temple of the Diamond Mountain Peak. It is part of the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Inclusions

    ・Accommodations (Room & Tax for 1 night)/”SHUKUBO” lodgings for pilgrims at the temple

    ・Meals (1 breakfast, 1 dinner)

    ・Private tour with your own English driver-guide and car

    ・“WAGESA”, the surplice garment of Buddhist priests

  • Exclusions

    ・Transportation to tour pick-up location

    ・Trip Insurance

    ・Personal Expenses such as buying souvenirs


  • Cancellation Policy


    Time of Cancellation

    Cancellation Charges

    No show/Cancellation after the tour has left

    The day of the tour (before start time)


    3 days to 1 day before the tour 


    8 days to 4 days  before the tour


    15 days to 9 days before the day of the tour


  • Important Notes (Remarks)

    * Extra night stay : Please contact us.

    * Weekend charge may apply for Fri, Sat and Sunday departure.

    * Price is based on low season and seasonal charges may apply.

    * Please note that the number of rooms with private bathrooms are limited.

    * If you cannot stay at the Shukubo where the Goma ceremony is held, we can arrange Private tour of “Goma ceremony” for an additional fee of $600.00 per party.

    * The itinerary may vary depending on the availability of space due to COVID-19. If unavailable, an alternative place will be selected.

    * During meals at Shukubo, you will need to sit on a zabuton, a Japanese cushion. If you require a chair, please let us know.

    * If you have any allergies, please let us know at least 1 week prior to departure.

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