Kanazawa Full Day Private Guided Tour

Kanazawa Full Day Private Guided Tour


*This Private tour is priced from $178 per person. Pricing variation is listed below.


Discover Japan's most fascinating city on our spectacular full day tour. This full day tour will allow you to deeply explore Kanazawa, with your own private guide. Your guide will meet you at your hotel (or wherever you specify) and guide you through this UNESCO Creative city of Crafts and Folk Art on your custom tour. This tour is fully adaptable to your needs.


Tour Features

・7 hours of sightseeing tour in Kanazawa. 

・Custom Itinerary. This tour can be customized upon request. Please tell the guide where you want to go, or you can leave it to our professional guide.

・Transportation, Entrance Fees, Meal are included as a part of " Tour Fund* ".

  * Tour Fund is a system adopted for this tour, and it is included in the tour fee. It will be used for entrance fees, transportation, and food expenses until its limit is reached.

・Hotel Pickup and Drop off.

・Native English Customer Support.


Sample Itinerary 1




  Meet at Hotel Lobby


  Omicho Ichiba Market


  Kanazawa Castle


  Lunch (limited budget within Tour Fund)


  Kenrokuen Garden


  Geisha District (Higash Chaya)


  Return to Hotel


Sample Itinerary 2 




  Meet at Hotel Lobby


  Geisha District


  Options of making Gold Leaf Crafts


  Higashi/Kazue area


  Samurai District, Nomura House


  Lunch (limited budget within Tour Fund)


  Gyokusen'in Maru Gardens, via Oyama Shrine


  Kanazawa Castle


  Kenrokuen Gardens


  Tour ends at Kenrokuen Garden

  with the guests given advice about

  where to continue, such as visiting

  the nearby 21st Century Museum


Popular Tourist Destinations in Kanazawa that you can add to your tour


Geisha District (Higashi Chaya District): Kanazawa’s unique and traditional geisha culture thrives in this beautiful and intriguing tea quarter. Allow us to take you down the enchanting back streets during your tour with us to hear the stories behind each place you visit. The Higashi and Kazue geisha districts include the gold leaf workshops, the tea master stores, the martyrs temple, the geiko (geisha) stables, the hidden steps of light and darkness, and so much more.


Samurai District: The tour takes you back in time to one of the best preserved Samurai Districts in Japan. The streets are lined with mud & straw walls encapsulating the unspoilt extravagance of the Samurai era. Let us take you through this romantic enclave on a trip back in time with Kanazawa Walking Tours.


Kenrokuen Garden: This is a must visit place for those wishing to experience the perfect Edo Era Japanese garden, regarded as one of the most beautiful feudal gardens in all Japan. Experiences include the Kotoji-toro lantern and rainbow stone bridge, the island with the ageless hermit, the ancient natural water fountain, and the tea houses. Plum and cherry blossoms can be seen in spring, azaleas and irises in early summer, autumnal landscape in autumn/fall, and snow and yukizuri snow ropes in winter. 


Kanazawa Castle: Feel the power and influence of the Lords of Kanazawa by visiting the Kanazawa Castle grounds and park area. View the beautiful white lead roof tiles, touch the formidable Ishikawa Mon gate, and enjoy the tranquility of Lord Maeda’s personal gardens. The defenses and grounds were constructed over hundreds of years as the country changed from war to peace, making them a combination of the best craftsmanship, ingenuity and design of the Edo period. Join Kanazawa Walking Tours to make sure you don’t miss anything on your trip though this historical and political center of Kanazawa.


Ninja Temple: Ninja Temple was built by the first Lord Maeda near Kanazawa Castle in the late 1500s. Over 50 years later, it was moved to its current location. So, are there ninjas in it? Well, no, but it is called that due to the high skills of the monks that lived in it, and due to the many deceptive tricks and traps inside. The temple has 29 staircases, reversible trapdoors, secret tunnels (with one rumored to link to Kanazawa Castle itself!) and stealth attack areas. It has a room with four tatami mats – a taboo in Japan (ask your guide why!) for a special reason. This two-story building (when viewed from the outside) has seven layers on the inside, providing room to confuse even frequent visitors. Why not take a look inside, yourself?

Omicho Market: While the freshest of fish, Kaga vegetables, and other local produce can be found in abundance on the ground floor, few visitors look up and realize that there are wonderful restaurants on the floor above them. Why not take a walk up the stairs and check out the great cuisine, made with the finest ingredients from down below. Omicho market has been the bustling center of Kanazawa food culture since the Edo period. Within walking distance from Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa Castle, and the Higashi Tea District, it is frequented by locals and tourists alike. The market is best visited in the morning, just after the boats bring in their dawn catch. Omicho market is easily accessible, and is a way to get a glimpse of the lives of the people of Kanazawa.


Photo Credit : Photo Courtesy ©石川県観光連盟

  • Pricing Variations

    Number of Guests

    Price (Low Season)

    Price (Peak Season)






























    Low Season : Jan 6th to Mar 9th, June 1st to Sep 30th

    Peak Season : Mar 10th to May 31st, Oct 1st to Jan 5th


    Payment Due 

    15 days prior to tour date


    *Tour will be cancelled automatically if no payment was made by the due date.

  • Cancellation Policy


    Time of Cancellation

    Cancellation Charges

    No show/Cancellation after the tour has left


    The day of the tour (before start time)


    3 days to 1 day before the tour


    7days to 4 days before the day of the tour


    14 days to 8 days before the day of the tour


    15 days or more (Fee will be applied after payment)


  • Remarks

    Pricing and Inclusions : Quoted Tour prices are per person. Prices include Professional English Speaking Guide, Tour fund (to be used for entrance fees, transportation and food & beverage). If you use transportation beyond the amount of the Tour Fund, you will need to pay onsite and pay for the guide too. Prices also include programming, planning and operational charges and are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes in effect at the time of publication. We reserve the right to change Tour prices to cover changing costs, tariffs, taxes. Breakdown in the price of the tour or its parts are not available. Unless mentioned by our agent at the time of inquiry, the prices shown are the prices you will be charged.


    Exclusions : Quoted tour prices exclude trip insurance, transportation to tour pick-up location (if needed), transportation plus entrance fees and food & beverage exceeding the "Tour Fund", personal expenses such as buying souvenirs, and optional activities at locations you visit (which are subject to availability).


    Departure Dates : Jan 1 - Dec.31. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun


    Minimum Number of Participant(s) : 1


    Tour Guide : Private English speaking tour guide is included


    Tour Schedule : At the time of booking, we will confirm the hotel you plan to stay (and tour start location) and the start time of the tour. Please discuss the schedule with the guide on the day. Sightseeing spots may change depending on the conditions of the day. During times when there are many tourists, it may take extra time at each tourist spot, so it may not be as desired.


    Tour Pick-up Locations : Most hotels or places you specify in the central part of Kanazawa City.


    Child Discount : Children between 6 and 15 years get $ 10 discount. Children up to 5 years old may join free of charge, but the maximum number of free children may be limited by the number of paid participants.


    Tour Deviation : In the event tour participants request deviation from the tour, or end the tour during the tour, or head back to hotel during the tour, the guide may or may not be able to take you to the location where the participant requests. In such cases, no full or partial refund will be made. Tour ending time cannot be extended in any cases.

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