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There is so much to see and experience in Japan, and there is even more to experience just for you. A hidden gem that few people know about is a kind of unique experience you can only enjoy as an exclusive guest. Discover our collection of Premium Experiences and get a closer look at the culture and history of this amazing country.

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The Tearoom
at Jochi-ji Temple


Kamakura is one of the ancient heartlands of Zen Buddhism, and the Jochi-ji Temple is the fourth of its 'five mountains' — the austere religious complexes that shepherded one of Japan's great spiritual traditions.

With an unbroken history stretching back across 850 years, Jochi-ji Temple is home to many cultural treasures, including a serene, historic tearoom called 'the Houan' nestled in its grounds, a secluded space that rarely admits tourists.


Step through history
at Hasedera

Room with Private Pool

Contemplate the Eleven-headed Kannon. With its pristine spring cherry blossom, vibrant summer hydrangea, and the rich ochres of its autumn leaves, Hase-dera is one of the symbols of Kamakura, and home to a majestic camphor-wood statue of the bodhisattva Kannon that's more than 1,200 years old.

Completed in the 8th century, this venerable temple complex affords gorgeous panoramic views of Sagami Bay and the cityscape of Kamakura, as well as a museum and other spiritual experiences.


Enoura Observatory


A visionary art installation marrying ancient and modern. Overlooking Sagami Bay and tucked into the outer rim of the Hakone mountains, Enoura Observatory is a spectacular art space which blends contemporary Japanese architecture with historic monuments to become an incredible art installation in its own right.

The brainchild of contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, the Observatory has been meticulously designed to welcome natural light onto carefully positioned structures.

It is a stunning effect all year round, but particularly breathtaking during the summer and winter solstices.Mr. Sugimoto has poured thought into every aspect of the complex. With panoramic views of the sea, restored ancient stonework, manicured gardens and a serene

bamboo grove, Enoura Observatory is a feast for the senses.



Water, rice and yeast are indispensable for sake brewing. In Kanagawa Prefecture, you can visit sake breweries that take pride in their use of these ingredients to produce exclusive sakes.

5.Zen Experience.png

Zen Experience
at Engalu-ji

As one of the five great Rinzai temples of Kamakura, Engaku-ji is one of the most prestigious Zen Buddhist sites in all of Japan. It has been preaching the principles of Zen since it was founded in the late 13th century.

Situated in north Kamakura, Engaku-ji is a huge and stately compound filled with greenery. It is particularly known for its majestic front gate, its famed gardens and its reliquary hall - which is the only building in the whole province to be designated as an official Japanese National Treasure. 


Kamakura Carving

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