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Staying Connected is no longer a luxury, it is a must even when you are traveling abroad. By renting a mobile Wi-Fi Router, you are capable of connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously. Perfect solution for your family trip or a group travel. We also offer the Rental device to be shipped in the U.S. postal address, pick-up in Los Angeles area (Torrance) and have the device to be picked-up in Japan, at the time of your arrival.

Where would you like receive
the Rental WiFi?


Universal Mobile Rental Wifi

*Available to be shipped to U.S. postal address or in person pick-up in Los Angeles area (Torrance)

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Step 1: Quote / Order / Payment

Please order on online once you have planed your traveling!
It is simple. Please select your travel plan and rental product, and proceed to checkout.

The quote for your order will be displayed. Upon you confirm it, please enter the rental information and complete your order.

  • If you order by mail, we will recommend you to place an order with plenty of time before you go to travel. Delivery may be delayed due to holidays or traffic conditions.

  • If you have became a member to use the Universal Mobile SIM card, please be sure to log in by following the instructions. You will receive membership discount.

Universal WiFi Rental Price List


Price: $5.00 Per day

Service Area: Japan


Price: $6.50Per day

Service Area: Mexico

Japan, South Korea

Price: $7.50 Per day

Service Area: Japan, South Korea

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Price: $6.50 Per day

Service Area: Canada

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Reserve Online before your trip.

We accept any major credit cards.


Reserved Wi-Fi Router will be shipped any residential address in Japan. You can also input your Hotel Information.

The Return Label is included in your package when you first receive the router. Please wrap everything up in the return label and just drop it off in the post when you finish the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should I place my order?

To ensure availability, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible. For the last minutes order, the order placement deadline is 3 business days before your rental starts. Within 3 days, please contact us.

Q. What’s the difference between au HWD11 and SofBank 501HW?

We have 2 types of WiFi router, the one is au “HWD11” and the other one is SoftBank “501HW”. They are both 4G LTE / Unlimited types.

①Unlimited (Data) Broad Internet Coverage au “HWD11” has wider coverage and good for suburban areas such as ski resorts and sightseeing spots including mountain side. Recommended for Hokkaido, Okinawa, Suburban areas.

②Unlimited (Data) Hi-Speed WiFi Connection On the other hand, SoftBank “501HW” is an ultra-high speed WiFi router and good for city areas and very useful for those who watch movies and video calls frequently. Recommended for Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, City areas.

Q. Can I extend my order?

Please contact us before your final rental date to extend your rental period. It will NOT automatically be extended without any further request.

Q. Do you have any insurance?

We recommend you to purchase Damage insurance option. It's not possible to add insurance after your rental starts. Damage insurance will be effective for the lost and damaged.

Contact us for more questions.