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FLEX Rail-ticket KOYASAN

Round-Trip Package 

$230.00 per adult

$135.00 per child

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Shinkansen Bullet Train round-trip package from Tokyo to Koyasan offers foreign travelers a Round-Trip Bullet Train non-reserved seat ticket with a flexible return date which gives you the freedom to stay at your destination for 1-7 days. It also comes with round trip train tickets from stations in Osaka to Koyasan station, and also a 2-day bus ticket in Koyasan.

Tour Features

・Round-trip Shinkansen Bullet Train Ticket to Shin-Osaka with a non-reserved seat.
・JR trains between Shin-Osaka and Shin-Imamiya.
・Nankai Electric Railway ticket from Shin-Imamiya station or Namba station to Koyasan station.
・2-day bus ticket in Koyasan.
・Flexible return date within 7 days from departure date (Maximum stay is a total 7days including departure date).
・Any bullet train of “Hikari”, “Kodama”, and even “Nozomi” at any time is available for your choice.
・Best train ticket value by itself !
・Please click HERE for more information.


Purchase Eligibility

This package is only for participants who have a nationality other than Japan.
Each participant needs to present a passport at the time of exchanging a package voucher with tickets.
Up to 2 Japanese participants may accompany per 1 participant with a foreign passport.

Departure Dates: 

From April 01, 2020 to Mar.25, 2021. 
Exception : No outbound departure on Dec.25 2020 through Jan.03 2021

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* Please read HERE for details about train connections in Osaka

Travel Itinerary

From Tokyo To Koyasan


Depart from Tokyo

or Shinagawa Station

Shinkansen right.png


(Non-reserved seat in regular car)

Shin-Osaka Station

Shin-Imamiya Station / Namba Station

Temple (1).png

Arrive at Koyasan Sation


Free Time

 (You may stay at a destination for


Please enjoy stay at Koyasan with 2-day free bus ticket

From Koyasan to Tokyo

Temple (1).png

Depart from

Koyasan Station

Shinkansen right.png


(Non-reserved seat in regular car)


Arrive at Tokyo

or Shinagawa Station

How to purchase and travel with this package


Select product and make an order from our website


Make a payment to IACE Travel


Receive Package-voucher from IACE Travel (1).png

Exchange your voucher with tickets at designated JR Tokai Tours offices in Tokyo station or Shinagawa station

Ticket icon 2.png

Receive Bullet Train round trip tickets and Experience Coupon / Pass

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Use your tickets on your chosen valid dates

* Package vouchers will be delivered by email.



(12 Years or older)



(6 to 11 years old)



(0 to 5 years old)


・The price shown is the price per person.
・An adult may be accompanied by up to 2 small children 5 & under without charges . On non-reserved cars, it is suggested to keep them on parents' lap when the train is full. 
・Participants under 20 years old at the time of registration require parental consent form.
・Participants under 15 years old at the time of traveling have to be accompanied by guardians.


Payment Due

Payment is due upon confirmation.

*Tour will be cancelled automatically if no payment was made.

Product Image Gallery

Special Deals included in the Koyasan package

・Please click HERE for details about special deals included in the Koyasan package.
・Round-trip Nankai Electric Railway ticket from Shin-Imamiya station or Namba station to Koyasan station. 
・Unlimited bus rides in Koyasan area for 2 days.
・No refund will be made for unused Nankai Electric Railway tickets and 2-day bus tickets in Koyasan.

*Major tourist spots along the bus lines in Koyasan (Bus stop name in parentheses)

・Okunoin (Okunoin-mae)
・Kongobuji temple (Kongobuji-mae or Senjuin-bashi or Koya Keisatsu-mae)
・Danjogaran (Daitoguchi or Kondo-mae)
・Konpon Daito (Daitoguchi or Kondo-mae)
・Kondo (Daitoguchi or Kondo-mae)
・Reihokan Museum (Reihokan-mae)


*Recommended Optional Tour (Not included in package)

・Garan Twilight Wonders (Night Tour)
English-speaking monk guided tour after dark. You will walk around sacred temples, and the tour takes about 1 hour. 


・Okunoin Cemetery Night Tour
English-speaking guide will take you to the cemetery in Okunoin, and talk about the founder of the temple, tombs, history, legends, and more. 


Pricing and Inclusions: Quoted Tour prices are per person. Prices include round-trip Shinkansen Bullet train ticket to Shin-Osaka, round-trip Nankai Electric Railway ticket from Osaka to Koyasan, 2-day bus ticket in Koyasan. Prices also include programming, planning and operational charges and are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes in effect at the time of publication. We reserve the right to change tour prices to cover changing costs, tariffs, taxes. Breakdown in the price of the tour or its parts are not available.


Exclusions: Quoted Tour prices exclude trip insurance, transportation to/from departure and arrival station (if needed), meals, personal expenses such as buying souvenirs, and optional activities. No tickets will be provided to an infant/child 5 and under. 

Train Connections in Osaka:

・Bullet train tickets from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka station let you take local JR trains to other JR stations in Osaka city as long as you don't go out of the ticket gate for local lines at Shin-Osaka station. So you can continue to ride the local JR train from Shin-Osaka station to Shin-Imamiya station if you are making a connection right after bullet train ride.
・On your return date, if you are returning from Koyasan to Tokyo on the same day, again, Shin-Imamiya station is the station you want to make a connection to. Because your return bullet train ticket allows you to start taking local JR trains from any JR stations in Osaka city, so you can start your ride at Shin-Imamiya station, and ride to Shin-Osaka station. 
・If you are to stay in Osaka for a day or more, Namba station may be the transit station instead of Shin-Imamiya station, because Namba area is one of the major tourist areas in Osaka. There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels in the Namba area. Shin-Osaka station and Namba station are connected by Subway, which is not covered by this package, so it will be a little extra to move between Namba and Shin-Osaka station.

train connections
Rail Map (1).png

Your Luggage

・Your luggage must be stored on overhead shelves or in a space in front of you.
・The extra spaces at the end of the cabin behind the last row on non-reserved vehicles are open for use on a first-come, first-served basis and are not sold in advance.
・The maximum carry-on luggage size allowed on non-reserved vehicles is 63 linear inches (160cm) including handles and wheels.
・There is no system for paying extra charges and bringing in extra large luggage on non-reserved vehicles.
・Luggage size exceeding the limit is not allowed on non-reserved seats in Shinkansen, and your boarding may be denied.
・Extra large luggage exceeding 63 linear inches may be shipped to your next destination by shipping services provided by the postal office or shipping company. Those large luggage may not be accepted for shipping services provided by hotels or convenience stores.
・A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your trip due to luggage size reasons.

Departure Stations:

・The tour departs from either Tokyo station or Shinagawa station of your choice.
・If you have already exchanged your voucher to the tickets in advance, it is possible to start your travel from one of the JR stations in the central Tokyo area other than Tokyo station and Shinagawa station. Please ask JR Tokai Tours agent if your selected station is covered by the ticket of this package. If you have not made an exchange and received no tickets prior to departure, you need to pay to take a train to come to JR Tokai Tours office in Tokyo station or Shinagawa station to exchange your voucher and receive tickets. 
・It is possible to start your travel from other JR Central Bullet train stations other than Tokyo and Shinagawa station, such as Shin-Yokohama, Odawara, Atami station. In that case, the section in your ticket between Tokyo or Shinagawa station and the station that you are starting your travel will be lost and no fare will be refunded. You will have to pay on your own to get to the starting station. You still need to keep the same departure date printed on your outbound ticket.
・You may disembark before you reach your final destination. In this case, part of the section in your ticket, from the station you got off to the bullet train and the final destination on your outbound ticket will be invalidated. When you do this on your outbound trip, it does not affect your return ticket, so you can board the return train from the station as originally purchased.
・On your inbound travel, it is also possible to start your travel from another JR Central Bullet train station other than the station printed on your ticket. For example, you bought a package to Osaka, but you can ride your inbound train from Kyoto station, somewhere closer to Tokyo station. In this case as well, the section in your ticket between Shin-Osaka to Kyoto will be lost and no fare will be refunded. You will have to pay on your own to get to Kyoto station.
・If you board an inbound train from the station other than the station you originally purchased, you need to pay for the section that was not included in the package.


Cancellation Policy:


・Please contact IACE Travel in the US for changes and cancellation if it is requested prior to exchanging your voucher.
・Please contact JR Tokai Tours office for changes and cancellation if it is requested after exchanging your voucher. You must return train tickets and an experience coupon.
・Cancellation/Change request has to be requested during business hours (IACE Travel : Mon - Fri 9am - 8pm EST  /  JR Tokai Tours : vary by location).  Requests received outside business hours will be processed the next business day, or processed on the day you return your tickets. 



Minimum Number of Participant(s): 1

Tour Guide : Not included

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